NDIS...What's the story??!

NDIS. It can (and has!) created alot of confusion of late...especially for those in the Mental Health sector. People with a mental illness are eligible to apply for the NDIS. This is not to say that people with a mental illness aren't capable of many things, but mental illness does impact on people's ability to fully engage with their community, to make the most of social opportunities, to receive all of the help that they should be receiving. This is what NDIS refers to as 'psychosocial' disability.

We have been asked alot lately if Billabong is registered for NDIS. Currently, we aren't. But we are moving towards being registered which is exciting for everyone. But if you don't have NDIS, or don't want to apply, we are still here for you! See our flyer for more info,  come into Billabong and have a chat to staff!