Muffin Break Legends!

This is what we are seeing at Billabong lately - a full fridge and some very happy members. The donations get placed into the cafe for members to eat free of charge. Billabong usually also provides a hot lunch at a cost of $4, but sometimes we have enough donations to provide free lunches as well as free cafe products. Essentially, all of our members can eat for free, all day long!

It's been an amazing reprieve for our members, and has broadened the support that we can provide to them. In the past we have had many people come in looking for a free bite to eat and we haven't had much to offer. Now we can send them on their way with a full belly, as well as all of the connections and information we usually provide. 

Muffin Break provides these donation as often as they can, and Billabong is extremely grateful for this new and tasty partnership!