Fun Day @ Billabong 2018

October 9th - Northern Daily Leader Writeup

October 10th - Northern Daily Leader Writeup

Prime 7 News - 13 minutes in...

Billabong has once again held its annual Mental Health Fun Day, and what a blast it was! The fun day exceeded everyone's expectations, with around 22 services holding stalls, a number of local services bringing groups of people to the event, and many walk-ins from the local community.

We would love to give a shout out to the sponsors who came on board including Muffin Break Tamworth who added flavour to the day by providing fresh and delicious muffins, 92.9 and 2TM for advertising our event and doing live cross-overs on the day, and A1 Hire who generously provided a very large marquee to protect all of the stall holders from the elements.